Interiors Team

In 2001, Poss Architecture + Planning opened the Poss Interior Design division, whose members brought to the firm a reputation of quality and innovation, as well as a network of resources from their work on projects worldwide. This changed the dynamic of the firm’s structure by teaming architects and interior designers within the same building, allowing the critical coordination between the disciplines. Ingenuity, expertise, and passion are some of the most important principles that guide the interior design team.

Led by Melanie Grant, Director of Interiors since 2006, Poss Interior Design has more than 50 years of combined experience and knows that creating cohesive, comfortable, and awe-inspiring designs takes an all-encompassing approach. Poss has always attracted creative, motivated, and knowledgeable team members who bring clients’ visions to life and help them surpass their goals. The experienced team of Poss Interior Design works closely with each of our clients, as well as architects and consultants, to ensure that every design is customized and fulfills all of their wants and needs in a smooth and efficient process. As leaders in interior design, Poss Interior Design brings both experience and ease to every client collaboration, fashioning environments that are timeless, sophisticated, and elegant.